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Welcome to Aryana Co. Ltd. in Japan !

Aryana Co. Ltd. was established and dually registered on September 2001, under the laws and procedures of Japan. It has accumulated experience of several years and served customers in many countries through the export of vehicles and machinery from Japan since it was established. We do not claim to be the number one exporter of Japanese used vehicles, equipment and construction machinery but always starving and struggling to become top ranker in this business. Our prime concern is to satisfy our client through deep understanding of the customer need, fair, prompt and reliable dealing through induction of ethical code of business.

Aryana Co. Ltd. is registered and an official member of the major auto auctions of Japan. The major auctions take place over the weekdays at several locations in Japan. We have continuous setup to participate in all auctions and purchase suitable vehicles according to demand of region, country or client.

Our Services !

We are providing exclusive services to our new and existing clients all over the world. Since the field of vehicles exports from Japan is very wide in terms of markets, makes, models, and usage. It also becomes very difficult for the buyer to choose among the variety of options available. Also sometimes, buyer has a specific demand of vehicle and it becomes challenge for us to locate and provide this vehicle to client in minimum possible timeframe with cost effectiveness.